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Kreisverband Chemnitz


About Us

We are a dynamic association that is continuously growing and evolving. Our community is built on a set of core values, not on rigid ideologies. Our goal is to shape a modern Chemnitz that is environmentally friendly, and open to the world. We advocate for a vibrant democracy that upholds comprehensive human rights and non-violence.

We regularly organize public gatherings to exchange ideas and collaboratively devise solutions. As committed members, we actively participate in various regional working groups of the party. Furthermore, our members are engaged in the Chemnitz Local Agenda 21 as well as various neighborhood initiatives. Our Chemnitz Green Youth is also very active.

We welcome every new supporter and warmly invite non-members to actively participate in our association. On our lists for local elections, independent candidates also have the opportunity to run.

Currently, we are represented in the Chemnitz City Council by nine volunteer council members out of a total of 60. We are active in all areas of local politics, engaging through citizen forums, committee involvement, and the submission of proposals and council inquiries.

Our work is based on a solid Green Local Election Program, which serves as an important foundation for our political goals.

We cordially invite you to visit us or work with us! Just get in touch with us, we look forward to meeting you!

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